“Parables and Priorities”

Jesus “sent the multitude away,” and “His disciples came to Him.”  What a telling tale of the difference between the two.

The miracles were over for the day, and yet Jesus’ disciples came to Him for the message.  And that is what set them apart.  They had different priorities; they had a different heart.  They wanted deeper truths of the Kingdom, not just miracles.  They were looking to understand and draw closer to Jesus in a deeper way, and Jesus was more than willing to draw near and teach them.

Matthew 13:36 gives us insight into the dynamic of priorities, and how they play out in our decisions.  It is the principle of “seek ye first His Kingdom and His righteousness.”  It is a spiritual work that is ignited and fueled by the Holy Spirit.  

You cannot manufacture Kingdom priorities in your heart; and you neither can sustain them by simply trying harder.  They are a work of the Spirit that works in the fabric of your soul as you draw near to the Lord.  “It is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Kingdom priority is a Spirit-filled work that brings a person’s life into proper order.  It happens when Jesus becomes more important than any other person, place, or thing in this life. And when that happens things fall into place regardless of circumstance.

“Seek ye first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”  It is the “these things,” however, that challenge us.Because we tend to be more me-centered than God-centered.

Take notice of things [and people] that occupy your time, energy, and money.  It is a quick evaluation, but quite insightful to our own hearts. If Jesus is not at the top ofour priorities, then we need to re-evaluate our hearts.

How much time are we praying, worshipping, reading God’s word, and serving in fellowship?  As the saying goes, “the proof in the pudding is in the eating.”

You see, priorities are more than a desire.  It begins with desire, but it cannot end there.  We must go on to walk in the priority of Jesus.  ONLY then will we experience a Spirit-filled and orderly life in the here and now.